F A Qs

Who is the author of the book “Southern Kikuyu Before 1903”?

The late Dr. L.S.B Leakey

Was the Author fluent Kikuyu language speaker?

Yes he was. He was born and raised in Kikuyu land and went through “Rights de Passage” of the Kikuyu people

Can I get the book in hard copy?

 Yes. They are available at Kes 20,000 for the three volumes please contact us on +254 715 691 029

Can I be a distributor for your book / books?

Contact our office on +254 715 691 029

Do you have other books or materials for reading

Yes we do. They shall be published on this website soon.

Who are Kikuyu Buddies?

Kikuyu Buddies are the copyright holders of the book

Can I get a refund incase of failed download?

No. On full payment we ensure you get the download link by all means.

If I paid the amount in excess and downloaded the book, Can I get a refund for the excess?

Yes. Please contact Help Number +254794182108

I paid less the amount and was not able to download the book, Can I get a refund?

Yes, Please contact help number +254 7941 82108 .